About Us

Welcome to our Story

Goose + Mills was started right after the birth of our second child. Right in the middle of that haze that comes along with a newborn baby. When days and nights run together and it's hard to remember who you were before this beautiful new babe came along. Goose + Mills started as a means for a creative outlet during that time and has turned out to be an amazing blessing to our family. 

At Goose + Mills, we specialize in designing and creating handmade kids and baby accessories. Our designs feature a variety of products that are both fun and functional. 

All of our handmade accessories travel from our home in Indiana to yours. With our variety of colors and designs, you’re sure to find something that complements your child's style and personality. It is an honor to create products that will be a part of your little one's childhood. 

Meet our Family

We are Ben and Kara Ballinger, the husband & wife team behind Goose + Mills. We both love working with our hands and even crafting items at home versus buying them. What are the odds, right? Running this shop is a dream come true because we have a wonderful, creative outlet and the flexibility to spend precious time with our two young children.

Our children, whose nicknames appear in our shop name, inspire all of the items we create. We hope your cherish our handmade accessories because a lot of love sure goes in to making them for you.